Slab rollers: rarer than rocking horse sh*ts!

For years I was like, “I want one, I want one! Have done for ages.” But slab rollers are expensive, big and heavy. Being the skinflint that I am I asked our clay supplier, Grant over at Bluematchbox, to keep an eye out for a second hand one for me. His eloquent response to my request was that ‘they are rarer than rocking horse sh*ts.’  Whilst I laughed at his comment, I realised that I was going to have to put my hand into my deep pockets.

Studio regular, Alison Pink, who is a budding clay animal creator and helps me run my weekend courses, had found a chap from Kent who makes them by hand. She had bought one and it was great.  It’s relatively lightweight, easy to use and can roll the super-thin sheets of clay we need for ceramic animals.

 I rang John over in Essex and put my order in. Two days later it was on my doorstep – how’s that for service? I’ve only used it a bit so far but already can tell that it’ll be a match made in heaven and worth the ‘almost £600’ I paid (including postage).

If anyone wants to buy their own, then contact John on or 07711787056.

(note to self, I have used the ‘S’ word a few times on this website already and must reign them in.  Anyhoo back to the slab roller!)


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