The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

I talked a little about this book in my first post. Pressfield's idea of 'resistance' is a force that stops someone pursuing their true calling. In other words, your arch-nemesis - the force that ensures you don't live up to your potential, leading to 'a life unlived'.

For my entire adult life I have been battling an enemy, and it wasn’t until I read this book that I knew it or could give it a name. This book is an essential read for anyone who has a calling or vocation in life that they feel they are not yet living or have talked themselves out of.

Broken down into three main sections, Pressfield…

  • identifies & describes the characteristics of resistance.
  • talks about turning ‘Pro’ i.e. how to beat it.
  • and finally he gets a bit spiritual (which I can take or leave)

I'm not going to go into too much detail; if I did then that would essentially be a form of resistance because I should be creating artwork right now! All I can say is that if there is a part of you that once dreamt of being an artist, a writer, a poet, an actor and entrepreneur of any kind but didn’t quite make it, then there are far worse things you could do than buy the book.

I downloaded the audio book too (it’s great for having on in the car or when you are tidying (which ironically can often a form of resistance!).

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