The Phoenix Studio, Towersey

Spend a day learning how to apply underglazes to ceramic creations in a way that is loose, expressive and dynamic.

These days are lead by James Ort* and consist of a 30 minute or so demonstration on how to apply underglazes to sculpture.  You will be taught a technique that really brings life to your art work and isn't too fussy - think more Monet, less Airfix! Then you are free to underglaze your work at your own pace. James will be on hand to advise and guide as and when needed.

*NB - These days are included when you sign up for a Clay Animal Course taught by James Ort and Alison Pink, however we have had a few requests to open this up to people who had not attended a course so we thought why not!


This fun course includes:

  • Informal, relaxed & attentive guidance for every student, provided by James Ort
  • Step-by-step demonstrations covering...
    • how to work with underglazes
    • How to apply the 'shiny glaze' liberally and keep your sculpture classy & not 'car boot sale!'
    • How to bring life to your creations eyes
    • An outline of the firing process in our kiln room

What is not included:

  • You will need to bring your own bisque fired artwork (we fire to 960 degrees Celsius, but yours could be higher or lower than this)
  • We can bisque fire your work for you beforehand if you give us enough notice.
  • NB There are additional charges for the firing and use of underglazes. Calculated by the weight of the pieces you bring (at a rate of £2/lb per firing). To be paid on arrival on the glazing day.

Suitable for?

Anyone wanting to push their clay creations further when glazing, specifically with underglazes.

You needn't have created clay animals - the techniques demonstrated can be applied to human figurative pieces, abstract sculpture and pots/tiles.

We generally limit the age to 14 years old+ though exceptions can be made where appropriate. Please contact James Orts and ask.

What is included in the price?

  • One glazing session either starting at 10am or 2pm
  • A demonstration of how to apply underglazes to your work (please arrive on time so as to not miss the demonstration)
  • Tea, coffee, biscuits/cakes
  • Use of a beautiful, purpose built art studio with all the equipment & materials you will need
  • Beautiful countryside setting

This course is for you if:

  • You want to explore your creativity but lack the confidence to do so on your own
  • You want to get away from it all and immerse yourself in a fun, creative environment
  • You want to experiment in glazing, specifically with underglazes

Booking on a specific date:

James runs various glazing days throughout the year. You will be asked to sign up for one of these days using a doodle spreadsheet ; it's very easy to do.

Glazing typically takes between 2-4 hours to glaze but this really depends on the artist!

Please do contact James Orts and he can tell you when glazing days are scheduled for.

Need accommodation?

If you are travelling from further afield and would like to stay in the area for your visit then have a look at our recommend B&Bs and hotels.  Click here for the list.

Return Glazing Session

Once you have made your creations on the weekend, they will need to be dried & bisque fired before they can be glazed.  This means that you will need to return at another time to glaze your work, then another to collect the finished pieces.

Beyond The Course

Having completed a clay animal course many of our students choose to explore clay further. They may come on another weekend course, start coming to our Creative Monday Sessions, evening sessions or carry on independently at home (you can bring your pieces here to be fired in our kilns).

£30 for the attendance on the glazing session

Additional costs will apply to cover firing and underglaze costs


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