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Phoenix_Studio_James_Ort_clay_animalsf02My name is James and I'm a ceramic and wire artist, as well as a tutor.  I make animals and teach others how to do so too. It's what I do and I can't imagine doing anything else.

2016 is going to be a significant year for my artistic development - I launched this website and I'm proud to say that in July I shall be exhibiting at Art in Action.

In short, it's going to be the year that I really say "hello world, this is what I do" and the plan is to use this website to candidly document my progress. There'll be highs and lows, trials and tribulations, hopefully jubilation and almost certainly artistic self-doubt/self-loathing.

I hope you enjoy my art and that my words inspire others to get creative too - there really is nothing like it!

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Address: The Phoenix Studio, Chinnor Road, Towersey, Thame, Oxfordshire, OX9 3QZ
Phone: 0776 598 0508

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Gaby is now creating these evocative inkscapes. They sit alongside the most wonderful pieces of micro fiction that are inspired by the paintings. Check out here daily posts @theinksaid One of my favourites is below: ‘Monkey blood’ When I look at a clear blue sky in August all I can taste is monkey blood. My nose aches with a sneeze that’s coming coming but not. There’s the tinkle of an ice cream van and by the sound of it I can tell which street it’s on. I run there shouting for Josie on the way. I’ve got enough for two I guess counting out the twenty pence pieces in my hot palm as I sprint. She can pay me back. I get there and there’s no queue. He’s out of the blue ice pops he tells me and I’m glad because I’m here for 99s with as much strawberry sauce as I’m allowed. I meet Josie on the way back and we cut through to the park. The grass is crisp like straw and scratches behind our knees but still we lie back licking circles watching the dripples of blood red give way to tounguestrokes of pink pale rose and then the purest vanilla until the combination of cream and dry cone became almost not worth eating. Up there looking down on the estate it was too windy for the wasps to find us. Too high for our voices to carry. We talked about everything on that hill; about Josie’s stepdad the money under the floorboards the way it made us feel when two boys kissed in the playground… It was like that every summer until we were sixteen. It was always sunny the sky was always blue and we always went home with blood on our hands. . . #proudboyfriend #theinksaid #microfiction #writersofinstagram #abstractart #artofinstagram

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Our life model Hercules the Welsh cob maybe got a bit too excited about making his life modelling debut @phoenixstudiotowersey yesterday! Check out the phoenix Instagram page for more pics from the day. . . . #awkward #hercules #standingtoattention #welshcob

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I met with Jake Spicer (@brightondrawing) the ring leader of the @drawingcircus last night. We finalised plans for the life drawing event of the year we’re hosting here at the Phoenix Studio in July. Excitement levels have reached whole new levels now! Don’t know what I’m talking about? Then check out the @phoenixstudiotowersey website asap! It’s open to all abilities. . . . #phoenixstudiotowersey #drawingcircus #drawingcircuscomestotowersey #lifedrawing #lifemodel #lifemodel #drawing #event #thame #chinnor #oxfordshire #buckinghamshire #oxford

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James Ort Ceramic & Wire Art

Day one of the Henley Arts Trail is over. I had a fun day in Jo’s fabulous studio showing my work alongside some fabulous artists. Typical me I didn’t take any photos off their work or any pictures at all bar this one. Moore to follow tomorrow! . . . #henleyartstrail #sculpture #wire #wiresculpture #mixedmedia #ceramics #clay #stencils #spraypaint @montanasprays #montanagold #phoenixstudiotowersey #jamesort @henleyartstrail @henleyschoolofart @phoenixstudiotowersey

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This week I have spent most of my days down in the polytunnel getting ready for @henleyartstrail. Here’s a sneak preview of what I’ve been working on. More pics to follow later! See the final pieces at venue 3 off the trail this coming weekend!

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